About Us

Food2go.com.au is very different to other food ordering and delivery Apps and websites.

Food2go.com.au was designed as a gift for regional Australian businesses, tourists, travelers and locals.

For food2go.com.au to be a gift of value it obviously must be free, be simple to use, add value to the businesses that use it and deliver a benefit to the customers. We believe that we have achieved those objectives.


Food2go.com.au is so comprehensively free for businesses to use that they don’t even incur merchant account fees or payment gateway fees. It genuinely costs nothing to setup and then it costs nothing to take orders, plus, 100% of the food sale amount goes to the relevant food businesses’ own account instantly. It is cheaper for a business to take orders and payments online with food2go.com.au than it is for them to process a card transaction in store!

Food2go isn’t only for prepared food sellers it is also for local butchers, bakers and grocers. It enables farmers living remotely to buy food and supplies from the local stores after sunset and collect them the following morning or even have them delivered. Travelers and campers can order on the road or from their campsites, and pick up at a specified time, or even have their orders delivered to their campsite. The relevant businesses are able to take orders at night and have them printed out as soon as they open the food2go app. This can result in significant time savings and greater control of their days for everybody involved. The time saved can be used for anything including relaxing with family.

Simplicity and increased business value

A business can change their entire menu at food2go.com.au faster than they can make an informative post with photo to social media. Businesses can add photos, update prices and create new products and product categories with a few clicks. If different fish were caught today you can update your menu at food2go in seconds.

We setup a business’s store at food2go.com.au and customize the orders app for them so that all they have to do is download the app and open it to begin receiving online orders. We provide 24/7 support along with a comprehensive pictorial user manual and quick start guide so that businesses can easily and instantly manage their online business. Alternatively a business can ask us to manage their food2go store for them so that all that they have to do is receive and process orders.

Food2go.com.au has a comprehensive suite of simple to use businesses tools that enable a business to instantly update their menu’s and prices and automate procedures such as

  • Customer loyalty programs
  • Sale prices and purchase discounts
  • Restricted hours of availability for an item

With food2go.com.au a businesses can have the same level of control over the online component of their business that they have over the physical component of their business.

In addition to the website and intuitive customer apps, Food2go.com.au has integrated delivery driver apps with tracking, and customized orders and stock management apps. These apps have significant value and it would cost an individual business thousands of dollars to create and operate their own equivalent apps.  

Offline but Online option

Business don’t have to take orders online to use food2go.com.au; our customer app has a ‘Tap to Call’ feature so that customers can call the business directly and order over the phone instead.

Delivers a benefit to customers

With food2go.com.au the small locally owned café/restaurant that is ‘5 minutes off the freeway’ can compete with the multimillion dollars foreign businesses that have ‘on freeway’ sites. The travelers can make the choice between production line highly processed foods, or locally grown produce that is prepared with the care and expertise of a career professional. The prices are comparable and the customer can use the app to order ahead from the local food business, instead of waiting for 10-minutes in the drive thru queue of the multi-national; some entrepreneurial people may even deliver from their ‘off freeway’ towns to the car parks of the ‘on freeway’ sites.

Safety Net

The events of 2020 have shown every business how essential an alternative trading method is to a successful retail business plan.

Now, and for a while yet to come, face to face contact with strangers in regional communities should be limited as an act of courtesy. Food2go.com.au provides a means for regional food sellers to extend that courtesy to travelers.  

Individual websites and social media are inefficient methods for generating business from travelers. Individual websites cost money to create, to host, to market, and it costs money when you sell something. Individual websites and social media posts are also more difficult for a traveler to find. Food2go.com.au is free at every level; it is so comprehensively free that a business gets more profit from a sale made at food2go than they do from selling the same item in store with a card payment.

We want to keep giving

Food2go.com.au was never intended to be an income generating venture. It was created to be a gift for regional Australian communities and travelers, and it was designed to satisfy the needs and desires of the recipients. 

Food2go.com.au was designed to give small businesses  a simple to use free e-commerce option, and travelers a comprehensive directory of regional food outlets.